Carlos Schwartz Orellana


Carlos Gerald Schwartz was born in Barquisimeto-Venezuela. He studied piano for 15 years at “Vicente Emilio Sojo” Conservatory of Music in Venezuela. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English teaching from Pedagogical University of Barquisimeto Venezuela. 

As a student, he has participated in numerous concerts. In 2002, he played the Piano Concerto in D by Haydn and in 2007, in a Mozart’s Festival, played Piano Concerto No.20 in dm and a two piano fugue in Cm. He also organized two special concerts in which he performed 15 popular piano pieces; one of them at a University in Venezuela (UPEL) in 2002 and the other at “Miami Dade College” in 2009. As a piano accompanist, he has participated in classes, workshops, concerts and festivals of different instruments at the Conservatory of Music and at the University (UCLA). The main instrument which he has worked with has been the flute.

During his career as a teacher he has worked with different programs (complementary and principal piano), all ages (5-70), all levels (beginner to advance) and with different styles (baroque, classicism, romanticism, and contemporary styles that have emerged in Latin America). His teaching philosophy is that students should fall in love with music and the piano. Once music becomes an integral part of the student, he is able to become a Pianist. There is always an opportunity to begin; it is never too late. An excellent teacher, I believe, is the one who knows HOW to communicate effectively the knowledge, techniques, and experience he possesses.

Nowadays, Carlos is currently a member of Music Teachers of Hyde Park. Carlos has participated in some concerts and musical activities. He is also teaching piano at Access to Contemporary Music (ACM) and at St. Mary of Celle Family Strengthening Center in Chicago. As a student, he has taken some coaching lessons with pianist Svetlana Belsky at the University of Chicago.

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