Susan Sigal

My goal as a teacher is to identify and nurture each child's unique learning style. From years of teaching I've observed that each student has their own manner of absorbing information. I seek to find their strengths and help them draw upon these strengths to develop as a pianist.

My own formal study of the piano and my love for music began as a young child in a wonderful learning environment. Teaching children and teens (Kindergarten thru High School) allows me to pass on that positive experience. A vital part of a student's success in learning is having a caring and friendly mentorship between teacher and pupil.

In addition to private lessons I ask my students to attend a periodic group piano class during which we cover additional aspects of musical information. Students also perform some of their pieces for their peers. Having a number of weeks to prepare for the class motivates the student to practice a little bit more than they might otherwise. These little performances also give students experience that then help them feel comfortable in other musical situations.

As students become a little more advanced I encourage musical interaction with friends or siblings who may play other instruments.  Practicing is often a solitary situation. Students enjoy and learn from sharing musical experiences with others. I provide opportunities and encouragement so that students learn from an early age to work with fellow performers.This expands their awareness of tempos, dynamics, shared emotional effects in the music, all things that expand their pianistic and musical horizons.

My students will have the opportunity to participate in private student recitals as well as other musical event sponsored by the Music Teachers of Hyde Park, the Chicago Area Music Teacher's Association, the National Federation of Music Clubs.  These events include Sonata-Sonatina Festivals, Jazz Festival, Chamber Music Day, Concerto Day, Harpsichord Workshop, Concerto Day, and more.

My own studies began with a local teacher, Jeanette Rosenbloom, next I studied with Karl Reckzeh at the Chicago Conservatory, Vitaly Schnee at Roosevelt College, Norma Cross at the University of Iowa, Dmitri Paperno at DePaul Music School, and Phillip Cohen of Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

My affiliations and memberships include: Music Teachers National Asso. (MNTA), Illinois State Music Teachers Association (ISMTA), Chicago Area Music Teachers Association (CAMTA), National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC), Hyde Park Piano Seminar and Hyde Park Music Club.

I have had a wonderful experience mentoring young Hyde Park students. I'm proud to say that many of them still keep in touch. A few have gone on to professional careers as musicians and many more are still playing the piano, for the love of it.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with parents and students, to become acquainted and to see if we might be a good team working together. Please feel free to email me at or call 773-667-5631.

Artist Series News

Check out the great artist series beginning on October 18. Come and bring your family and friends for some great music played by our own wonderful artist-teachers.

Student events

MTHP sponsored many successful events for our students this past school year: recitals, workshops, Concerto Day and Chamber Days. We look forward to our new series of student events, beginning with a student recital on October 21.

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