Student Events, 2016-17

Application forms and repertoire lists for student events are here in PDF format.

Student Recitals

Student recitals are held at Montgomery Place (MP) (56th and South Shore Drive) or Blackstone Library (49th and Lake Park). Teachers interested in having their students perform must contact (TBA) (BL) or Laura Fenster, 773-955-6321 (MP)

  • October 22 (Saturday) 3pm, BL
  • November 6 (Sunday) 7pm, MP
  • January 21 (Saturday) 3pm, BL
  • February 19 (Sunday) 7pm, MP
  • March 11 (Saturday) 3pm, BL
  • April 2 (Sunday) 7pm, MP
  • April 22 (Saturday) 3pm, BL
  • May 21 (Sunday) 7pm, MP
  • June 4 (Sunday) 1pm - 9pm, (MP)is part of the annual Performathon
  • June 10 (Saturday) 10am - 4:30pm (BL)—this is part of the annual Performathon, Connie White coordinator


Student workshops


Chamber Days

  • Sun. Nov. 20, 2-5 MP
  • Sun. Feb. 26, 2-5 MP
Chamber Music Days are held at Montgomery Place (56th and South Shore Drive). Teachers interested in having their students perform please submit the Application Form to Irene Claude

Information about Chamber Days
Application Form
Also check out the Repertoire list.

Concerto Day

Contact: Irene Claude (773) 350-7591, Daniel Golden 773-755-3966, Meg Lauterbach 773-895-6083, and Elaine B. Smith 773-643-9251.

For applications in PDF format click on the following two links. Concerto Day requires both a preliminary application as well as a final application . Also check out the Repertoire List

  • Sunday April 30, Concerto Day 1-9 PM; Dan Golden and Alison Gaines, conductors
    Hyde Park Union Church
    5600 S. Woodlawn Avenue


Contact: Connie White   773-667-2898
Performathon pledge form.
  • June 4 (Sunday), 1 - 9:00 PM MP
  • June 10 (Saturday), 10 - 4:30 PM BL


Summer Ensemble Fest

Contact: Irene Claude   773-350-7591

Summer Ensemble Fest is a program for students 9-­14 years old who are interested in rehearsing and performing chamber music. Students are coached in repertoire and ensemble technique, and participate in a variety of instrumental ensembles and workshops.

Monday - Friday, July 10-21, 3:30 - 5:30 PM 
Final performance, Friday, July 21, 7:00 PM 

Registration form for the 2017 Summer Ensemble Fest is here . More information is here.

Artist Series News

We have had a wonderful series of concerts, well attended and appreciated. Thanks to our performers, and we look forward to another series starting in fall.

Student events

MTHP sponsored many successful events for our students this past school year: recitals, workshops, Concerto Day and Chamber Days.

Summer Ensemble Fest, July 11 - 22, had a very successful final performance July 22, 7:00 PM. at the Neighborhood Club

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